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Achilles bursitis prevention starts with choosing the right shoes that are made from quality materials, do not have high heels, and meet orthopedic standards. To prevent friction of the heel counter in the area of ​​the calcaneus, it is recommended to use silicone heel pads that protect the foot from chafing.

Dosing the daily load on the feet will help to avoid the inflammatory process. The use of shock-absorbing orthopedic insoles for Achilles bursitis will ensure the optimal condition of the foot while walking. Preventive examinations for redness and pain in the heel area contribute to early diagnosis and rapid elimination of the pathological condition. What is Achilles Bursitis?

the tendon and between the skin and the tendon. These bags have a cushioning effect when walking. In the process of inflammation of the lining bags, epithelial cells begin to secrete an excessive amount of fluid, which is expressed in the form of a bump in the Achilles' heel. This leads to joint dysfunction and pain.

The joint does not have time to recover from the load, which leads to inflammation; Tendon overload; bone deformity; infections; Diseases of bones, blood vessels, nerves of a chronic nature.

Swelling in the area of ​​​​the Achilles heel; Pain below the knees; Throbbing pain; Redness of the swellings and around them; Edema; Fever in the heel area up to 39-40ºС; Crunches are heard when walking; Lameness occurs.

Stretch ligaments - everyone is familiar with this. Long walking in uncomfortable shoes - if there is no money for high-quality shoes, then this reason becomes a priority. An adult walks often and a lot, while he must comply with the dress code, where shoes are not always light and comfortable. This makes Achilles bursitis a common occurrence. There are cases of excess weight, which can be observed in both women and men.

The symptoms can get so bad that the person stops walking because of the pain. Achilles bursitis occurs in adults for typical reasons: In women, often because of the high heel, in which it is difficult for them to walk; In men, often due to tight fit or physical stress on the tendons during sports.

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In the elderly, the disease develops against the background of loss of tendon strength and changes in its structure. There are pains in the legs, scar tissue is formed. Inflammation of the articular bag of the heel in children.